Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spiritual Sunday -- Not Just Church

I have talked before about how I believe God knows what is right for me and how that led to my church callings of Activity Days leader and Nursery leader. I believe the leaders of the ward through prayer and revelation gave me these callings. The timing was right, as God knew.

But what about outside of church? Well, this week I have seen God's hand in placing me other places and positions I need to be. Those places are at work. I believe through his inspiration my supervisors have placed me in the classrooms and with the kids that God would have me be with. Again, the timing was right.

First of all, I am in 5th grade in the afternoons with the student I was with last year. During this time he will have Reading and possibly Writing -- 2 of my strengths in helping. I am grateful to be with this child again, as well as with others. I am so excited to be working with their teacher, who has been my friend, but I have not worked with before.

In the morning I am in Kindergarten. This was a huge change and totally unexpected. I worked a majority of my day in Kindergarten several years ago and since then I have worked only a 1/2 hour to an hour and that was 2 years ago. I did not feel Kindergarten was a good fit for me. I felt that it was overwhelming and and not my best grade. This year, though, it is where I belong. God knew that I was ready for this grade, just as he knew I was ready for Nursery.

I like being in Kindergarten in the morning. It takes a lot of energy and focus. The first day I was exhausted by lunch!! Being in 5th grade in the afternoon helps me to relax a little more and stay focused. I love the kids in the kindergarten class and their teacher is awesome. I truly feel a part of that class and know it is where I am meant to be this year. I absolutely love it.

I am trying to put more faith in God and see his hand in my life in even the every day things. I believe this is what is giving me more motivation and joy in my life.

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