Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back in the Running Saddle

I set a goal a couple months back to do the Chapman Labor Day 5k. The last 5k I did was the same one, 2 years earlier(while pregnant, but I didn't know it). I had planned to train more for this one, but that didn't happen!! But I still did it!!

I had two goals... to finish and to finish in under and hour. I did it in 58 minutes. I walked most of it. I came in 3rd to last. I really had to push myself to run the last stretch around the track and was sobbing at the end. It was hard!! But I did it. My husband kept telling me how proud he was of me. I also had a lot of encouragement on the 5k from other participants. It was a really great experience.

My next planned race is the Aggieville St. Patrick's Day 2 mile in March!!! A coworker is going to do it with me. I plan to run the whole thing at that point. I may do one at Thanksgiving on post before that with a goal of running at least a mile.

I also have a goal to do a 10k next September at Disneyland (possibly with celebrities!), but that will mean intense training, saving money and lots of discipline!! LOL. That goal may take 2 years.


betty said...

Good for you for finishing it!!! I think that's awesome!!! That is a good idea to set a goal for maybe the 10K at Disneyland; that would be a fun one :)


Kim said...

I can do it with you! That is, if I lose enough weight....