Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jr Jay Football

Our city has a tackle football program for students in 3rd through 6th grade called Jr Jay Football (the high school team is the Blue Jays). I like to try to support the kids at school when I can. I have been asked to come to football games before and last year I went to some flag football games, but this year I decided to see what the Jr Jays were all about.

I went to watch the white team play. Because there are so many kids there are 2 teams -- the blue and the white. I watched the 5th graders. There were 2 boys on the team from my school. I think they were both happy I came. One got injured and could not continue playing and he came and sat with me in the stands for awhile. That made me happy.

Jonathon wasn't too interested in the game, but liked watching the little cheerleaders lol

He also liked walking around under the stands!! (they are concrete and he likes to hear his voice echo)

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