Thursday, October 29, 2015

Currently 10-29-15

Watching: Disney Halloween shows, plus The Middle and The Goldbergs

Reading: All kinds of stuff lol

Listening: A growling cat

Creating or Cooking: Ghost pops (tissue covered tootsie pops) and lamb kabobs

Feeling: a lot of anxiety from medicine I took, better than the last 2 days and excited

Planning: Halloween at work tomorrow, trunk or tret, Stake conference this weekend and Halloween on Saturday.

Loving: that it is Halloween weekend, Stake conference and Daylight savings time all rolled into one!!!


betty said...

Trunk and treats are always fun to participate in (except for the one year we lived in Montana and it was 18 degrees that night; it was a bit chilly :)


Robyn :) said...

it rained so we sat in chairs in the gym and the kids came in a 3 different doors(starting points) to insure all got candy. I really liked it that way!!