Friday, October 2, 2015

Custodian Appreciation Day

So today was Custodian Appreciation Day. We always try to do something nice for our school custodians on this day. This year we are blessed to have Mr. Matt with us. He goes above and beyond to not only keep the school clean, but to fill any request the staff may have to get something like a table for example and is always smiling and friendly. The kids also love him and you can really tell he loves working at our school. In addition to buying Mr. Mat lunch and giving him a seat of honor in the cafeteria and making cards, a person wanting to do a random act of kindness donated a special gift for us to give Mr. Matt. It was a drum kit. We had a special assembly in which we revealed it to him. Since I was sitting with Kindergarten I had a front row seat to see his face when he saw it. He was stunned and said "no way!" He just could not believe it. Several of us had tears in our eyes because you could just see how grateful and honored he felt. We just love him so much and are so appreciative of all he does for us that it was awesome to be able to give him such a special gift.

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