Sunday, November 29, 2015

Right Now

I do plan on blogging regularly again and posting pictures of Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas, but until then (and I find my camera) here is a random thing I did a couple years ago, updated.

Outside my window.... Freeing cold icy wonderland. Yep, we are having an ice storm. No school tomorrow making this a 6 day break.

I am going.... to decorate my tree tomorrow. And make a turkey sandwich here in a minute. and open the other bottle of Sparkling Cider.

I am thankful.... for having electricity still and finding the battery pack starter for my gas fireplace..

I am pondering... finishing opening the branches on the Christmas tree.

I am wondering... if I will get the tree decorated, if we will still have electricity,

I am hoping.... the Sparkling cider doesn't make me cough too much.

I am looking forward to.... an extra day off, getting my tree decorated.

Something new about me.... I finished Christmas shopping (though I would like to get something for TJ from Peanut

Guilty Pleasures.... Sparkling Cider

Pet Peeves..... loud booming music, the word should, and toilet paper put on the roll wrong.

1 comment:

betty said...

LOL with the toilet paper; I'm just glad it gets on the roll myself; been known to sit down and realize no toilet paper on the roll and none in the cabinet.

Good for you for getting your shopping done :)