Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolutions and Word

This year snuck up on me!! (ok, not really). I do have some goals and a new word, but first let's visit last year's.

My word was Cherish and I think I did well with that. I cherished moments with my son, my husband, family and friends. I cherished my son.

My goals were
1. Go to the gym at least 2 times a week.
2. Run a 2 mile race in March and a 5k in July.
3. Keep up with Project Life
4. Use only what I have in my stash for Project Life and scrap booking.
5. Read all of the New Testament.

Did not meet any of them!! The closest I got was a 5k in September (mostly walking) and I caught up Project Life in July. I used a lot of my stash, though.

So, for this year my word is LOVE. Love my son, love my husband, love my friends, love my enemies, love my cat and cat guests, love my nursery kids and preteen girls in my church group, love the kids at school and coworkers, love myself and most importantly Love God. Also love my job, love my home, love my church callings, and love the scriptures and love my life.

And now the Goals...
1. Regular exercise and healthy eating.
2. Run 2 miler in March, 5k in July, 5k in September, and another 2 miler or 5k tbd.
3. Color code Book of Mormon.
4. Keep up with Chatbooks (alternative to Project Life)
5. Blog more

That is manageable.

Happy New Year!!

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betty said...

Great word for the year :) The world definitely needs a lot more love and it is great to start it with our family, friends, etc.