Monday, June 13, 2016

Mancat Monday with Scout's Unexpected Visit

Hey friends, you would not believe what happened yesterday!! I went outside in the backyard to enjoy some time with nature and guess what??? TWO DOGS showed up!!! One chihuahua and a bigger dog. We do not have a fence so they just came right over to meet me. They were a little too eager, though, so I had to put up my back and give a few hisses!! Mommy heard them barking and came out to let me in the house. She had no idea where they came from and they disappeared into the bushes after a minute. She thinks they live a few houses down. No one seemed to be looking for them, though. While outside, Mommy and daddy met the neighbors next door who have lived there several months.

This morning I napped on Mommy's legs

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betty said...

That would scare me with the dogs, but I have PTSD from all the times Koda was attacked by other dogs. Glad Scout was okay though!