Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spiritual Sunday -- Scripture Study

As I talked about last week, I had a desire to get back into studying scriptures. Once God provided the way I took the opportunity and ran with it.

This is my scripture study schedule for the summer.

I still try to do my personal study first thing in the morning. I am reading the Book of Mormon and color coding so I try to do at least one chapter a day. I am also doing an in depth guided study of Ecclesiastes using a study booklet I got at a Christian Bookstore. I think I am going to do Isaiah next. I also have a book of verses and commentary that I read one a day. I also plan to work on the Scripture Mastery Verses the LDS youth have to memorize. There are 100! I plan to work on one a week.

I also do scripture study with Jon. In the morning we read a verse, story or rhyme from one of his Bible books. At night I read him a rhyme from his nighttime Bible rhyme book and a page from the Illustrated Book Of Mormon Stories.

For family scripture study we read the scriptures for our upcoming Sunday Gospel Doctrine class and discuss the questions in the study guide. We do this at dinner or immediately after.

I really enjoy scripture study and the spiritual fulfillment it gives me.

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betty said...

Isaiah is a tough one to tackle, but a great book! Ecclesiastes is always a sad one when you realize all Solomon had and then how he ended up, but it is so much how life can be. Great to get your little one started early with learning like this.