Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Schedule #1

I made a list again of things to do every day again. Like with last year they don't have to be done, but if I find myself getting bored or depressed I can look at the list to see what I haven't done. I broke it up into must do's, good to do's (I didn't want to call it should do's because I hate that word, but that is what it is) and can do's.

I have since added a couple of things.

Right now I am on a loose schedule. Jon is in daycare for 1 more week (I wasn't sure if I would be working summer school and TJ was supposed to go to AT, but the dates have been changed) so this is how my day breaks down...
Scripture Study, breakfast and get dressed
Get Jon up and dressed and to daycare
Exercise (trying to hike everyday)
Clean, laudry, dishes and study
TV and computer time
Nap or read
Jon comes home
Visit nursing home and/or make dinner
Dinner and family scripture study
Outside time with Jon.
Read or computer time
Jon's bedtime -- read and sing songs
TV time and read

For study I am reading books for inservice hours.

Cleaning involves deep cleaning, organizing and purging a room. Right now I am on the kitchen. I am also working on the garage. I have so far cleaned out and organized the left side wall and my holiday totes. And I am trying to keep the kitchen and 2 bathrooms clean

I am trying to do one load of laundry a day.

Computer time includes blogging!!

Once Jon is home with me the schedule will change. Luckily it is all flexible!

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betty said...

Definitely a doable schedule :)