Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hildebrand Dairy Farm

There are many awesome things about the small town we live in and one of them is the Hildebrand Dairy Farm. It was actually started in town by a member of our church years and years ago. Then they moved out to the country. one of the sons and his family runs it now and Margaret Hildebrand (the Matriarch and wife of the man who started it) is the only one who goes to our church. I enjoy visiting with her in her home on the property.

They also have a store where we like to buy milk in glass bottles(they pasteurize and bottle on site) and fresh made ice cream in Spring and Summer. They also sell beef from their cows (it is processed elsewhere), cheese from a Mennonite couple, packaged ice cream from K State, lavender products from Prairie Lavender Farm, honey and other sauces made locally, eggs from a local farmer and some stuffed animals and t-shirts and such. Oh, and their own butter!!

In the fall they have a big festival and invite other food vendors. In summer they do a smaller festival. We missed it because I was sick, but the next week I took Jon to get milk and icecream. Then we went to see some recently born calfs. at first Jon wasn't too sure about them, but then he ended up crying when we left!!

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betty said...

What a fun place to visit!