Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lavender Festival

In June we went to the Prairie Lavender Farm Lavender Festival. Thanks to Facebook, they had a lot of people come!!

The first thing I had to do was use the facilities lol. TJ and Jon waited in the food line

Unfortunately, they ran out of the lavender chicken salad sandwiches and lavender ice cream so all we could get was lavender potato salad and lavender lemonade

After lunch we explored the farm

There were these cute fairy gardens on display

One of the activities there was to cut your own lavender (for a fee). The line was outrageous, though (they only have so many clippers), but for $5 you could buy a pre cut bunch so I did that!! I still have them.

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betty said...

The lavender chicken salad sandwiches would have been interesting to taste. I hope they perhaps plan better for next year, but sounded fun all in all :)