Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not A Water Baby

We bought Jon a kiddie pool with some of the money my aunt sent him for his birthday. We set it up and filled it with water, but it was way to cold for him. He preferred sitting on a chair and watching his playdates play in it instead!!

We also signed Jon up for swim lessons. For his age it was basically getting used to the water and learning some basic moves. he did not like it. We did get him used to the water and he liked splashing and splayin g and was okay with us dunking him under water, but when it came to learning how to paddle, kick his feet or float (all with us holding him) he was not having it, He even threw up on me in the pool!!! We are hoping next year goes better and we plan to get pool passes.

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betty said...

When the kids were young, I would set the pool water up in the morning first thing so it had time to warm up a bit during the day :) He'll get used to it next year and then you won't be able to keep him out of the water :)