Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spiritual Sunday -- Bibles

I have become quite the collector of Bibles. It has kind of happened by accident and circumstance. There are a lot of different translations of the Bible out there, too! It is mind blowing.

Growing up Catholic we had a big, ornate Catholic Bible. We never used it, though. It was just for decoration. I still have it and enjoy reading the Christmas Story from look from it on Christmas Eve. Later I discovered that my dad also had a Catholic Bible. Not as big but it was also ornate. It is a Douay version which I guess was the translation they used to use for Catholic Bibles. The big one I have is not a Douay however. I am also in possession of a 1932 Douay edition that belonged to my dad's cousin. So that is 3 Bibles. What distinguishes a Catholic Bible from other Bibles is the addition of several other books of scripture called the Apocrypha.

When I was taking Catechism classes and making my first communion there was no emphasis on scripture study or memorization. We memorized prayers and learned Bible stories. The Catholic Mass consists of a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the New Testament, a responsorial psalm and a reading from the Gospel. Our church did have a weekly Bible study, but as a youth Bible reading on your own was not even mentioned. When I started Confirmation classes we were required to purchase a $5 paperback Bible which was a St. Joseph edition. this is the version of the Catholic Bible I am most familiar with. I also received a beautiful white St. Joseph Edition as a Confirmation present. This is the Bible I first used to read the entire Bible. It is currently MIA, but I think I know where it is, so that makes 4 Bibles which are Catholic Bibles.

When I joined the Mormon church I started using the King James Version which is the most widely used version. We use it because we believe it is the most closely translated version. I was given my scripture quad by my missionaries who taught
me which included the King James Bible. I use that now all the time,marking it and stuff, but at first I kept it clean.. I also bought a small KJV to mark in. Then later I bought another one to mark in as well! So that is 3 KJV Bibles.

Recently I started getting small Bible Study booklets that use the New International Version Bible so I bought an NIV for myself. Then, at Sundown Salute I got a free NASB version. I have committed to reading that one all the way through since it is easiest to understand.

So that makes 9 Bibles!! Of course we have TJ's set, too, so that is 10!

I would like to get a NKJV to compare.

What version (translation) of the Bible do you use?

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betty said...

I use the NIV. I have been meaning to get another translation and read through that, just haven't yet.