Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Schedule #2

Now that Peanut is home with me our schedule has changed. This is a tentative schedule as some days there are errands to run, appointments, library toddler time, etc.

Jon usually gets me up and we have breakfast and read a scripture story from one of his books. Then I start my personal scripture study while he watches TV and plays. Then we get dressed and go for a walk. After we come home we play outside for awhile if it isn't too hot and I finish my scripture study and maybe garden. Then Jon watches TV (PBS) and plays while I do my chores (laundry, dishes, room clean, garage) and study. At 11am we watch Thomas and have lunch, then I read a word book with Jonathon and play with him. At noon he takes a nap and I will shower and/or read or nap or watch Tv and blog. When he gets up we have pool time(in the backyard) and after that, art time. And maybe a smoothie. Daddy usually comes home around this time. This is when I prefer to run errands. We also try to visit our friend at the nursing home. Then I make dinner and we eat together and do family scripture study. After dinner we go outside again or I may try to go to the gym. Jon's bedtime is between and 8 and 9 and we read stories, scriptures and sing. After he goes to bed I watch some Netflix and then read before bed.

Mondays look different because we have library toddler time in the meaning so we try to get a walk in before or after. On Tuesdays we have speech in the afternoon so we do not have pool time. Sometimes on Wednesdays we go to toddler time at the library in Manhattan and then a splash park. Jon has also starting swim lessons in the evening so that will be after dinner in the evenings 4 days a week.

Saturdays are still our days to do an activity or watch a movie. And Sundays are about church.

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betty said...

I liked library time when the kids were younger :)

Good schedule with of course flexibility :)