Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sundown Salute 2016

Every summer around the 4th of July our town puts on its Sundown Salute fair. It is the largest FREE fair in the state of Kansas. We wanted to go opening night for the hot dog feed, but Jon was sick. He was sick the next day, too, so we went on Saturday morning, but it was raining. It let up and we had a bacon wrapped corn dog and fried PB&J

We walked around and looked at the vendors that were open and saw the watermelon carvings so far

On Sunday night Bret Michels was the headlining act. He is the biggest name I think they have ever had. We wanted to go, but I did not want to deal with the crowds and it was the Sabbath. However, we heard he put on a great show and loved us so much he wants to come back next year!!!!!
we did some fireworks that night. Since we warned our neighbors and invited them to watch they invited us to their barbecue the next day!!
After the parade on Monday we went back to let Jon ride some rides. He still does not like them and TJ had to ride one with him

I got a free Bible from the Nazarene church

I did not have that version.

I played a balloon dart game and won Jonathon this

We wanted to watch the dog stunt show but someone fell asleep

I will leave you with a picture of the craziest carnival ride ever!! I might try it next year after 2 Xanax.

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betty said...

3 Xanax for me to get on that ride. How fun that it is free.